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Extraordinary Results

Supporting Victims of Crime

Capio Group assisted the California Victim Compensation Board to provide victims of crime the financial assistance they need to get back on their feet.

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General Overview

The California Victim Compensation Board (CalVCB) provides financial assistance to victims of crime and helps them restore their lives by reimbursing crime-related expenses and connecting victims with services and support.


California protection services programs were doing their best, but knew that the information technology (IT) tools they needed for success were outdated and underperforming. In addition, the data needed to support their IT tools was unreliable and out of context. CalVCB was in the position to make a difference by modernizing their IT tools and providing data driven solutions to their users. CalVCB understood that the technology and data quality must advance to enable workers to be successful and provide valuable support to the families of California.


The CaRES Mod Project involved architectural changes, including database changes, workflow changes, and user interface changes to the current CaRES Application. The main elements of functionality provided by Capio Group for the modified system included:

  • Database modification to increase efficiency, increase data integrity, better accommodate maintenance efforts, reduce redundancy of data, accommodate a more flexible workflow, and improve usability.
  • Improved application performance when opening work items, navigating through screens, viewing document images, updating records, or performing searches.
  • Improved automation of claims management and increased system flexibility to easily accommodate changes or additions to business rules or statutes.
  • Modified workflow to support cradle-to-grave processing instead of FIFO queues.
  • Completion of the Appeals module and the Restitution and Recovery (Criminal Disposition Tracking System – CDTS) module and modified workflow.

Since this project was a modification of the existing CaRES application and database, Capio Group provided a safe and efficient migration of data between the two systems. Our team understood the intersection of humanities and computer science, and through data driven technologies, propelled California Victim Compensation Board into a caring, helpful, and successful program. Our solution was driven by data, by predictive data science, and by efficient data delivery pipelines.

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