Core Services

Core Services

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Capio Group provides system configuration and integration solutions to help you share information between your new and legacy systems.

There are many types of program configuration solutions that use different frameworks to meet a company’s needs. Some solutions transfer data between specific systems, while others form a complex database through an interwoven network. Often, programs do not work together as we would like them to and they are designed with different coding. Our services act as the intermediary that flawlessly translates data from each program behind the scenes.


We employ certified human resource and finance application developers (Salesforce) to configure, integrate and customize Platforms as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). They will help you to bypass the manual input of data by employees as they traverse among multiple programs and decrease the risk of human error, duplications and redundancy.


An integrated solution will also allow you to view your data through a single format, providing your managers with a clearer perspective of their overall performance. Investing in an integrated solution will allow your employees to be more efficient with their time and save you money!


If you’re looking to configure and integrate your systems, connect with us. We are here to help.