We have come a long way! Capio Group is delivering extraordinary results for Government. We are proud of every accomplishment!

For over a decade, we have lived our mission by combining good ideas with great people to achieve extraordinary results! Our teams are working with some of the largest government agencies in California, helping them to solve their greatest challenges. We are a small firm dedicated to big ideas and enjoy the rewards that come from hard work and customer success.

We work together to innovate

Every decision Capio Group makes is dictated by the needs of our clients. We are who you need us to be and will work by your side throughout the life of your project and beyond to tackle your biggest challenges. Capio Group is your “partner in change” as we grow and innovate together.

We embrace education

At Capio Group, we are a team of experts who are both teachers and learners. Not only do we listen and learn from you, we also invest in the continuing education of our team so we can discover the best tools, technologies, and methods to support your business solutions.

We are driven by data

Relying solely on instinct or best practices to make decisions without performing any data-driven analysis can lead to ineffective budget expenditures and can have serious impacts on the progress and success of a project. Capio Group provides proof of concept design solutions so we can work accurately and efficiently to meet the time and budget requirements of our clients.