Core Services

Core Services

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Our team of certified Solution Architects will help you to design a cloud framework that lowers operating costs, supports high-performing applications and fosters satisfied end users.

Capio Group follows a set of rigid cloud architecture principles and best practices to help you reap real business value from your cloud investments. Our team employs certified Solution Architects who provide consultancy and guidance on current and emerging cloud and IaaS security trends and concepts, including network segmentation, perimeter security, and event monitoring. We also implement remediation methods to bring cloud infrastructures into compliance for security and develop protocols to provide for contingency planning and business continuity.

Planning:  Capio Group takes the time to identify and align your capacity needs when implementing your cloud framework. As we begin to build out your architecture, our team continuously tests its performance to avoid experiencing unexpected glitches in the process.

Security:  Our team deploys specific protocols to protect your framework from hackers and unauthorized users by safeguarding all layers within a cloud infrastructure with data encryption, patch management and rigid policies.

Recovery:  Our Solutions Architects automate recovery processes to avoid costly downtime and ensure a speedy recovery from service disruptions. They monitor capacity and use a redundant network to ensure a highly available architecture.

Performance:  Capio Group leverages and manages the right compute resources by monitoring your business demands and technology needs during the implementation process.

Cost:  We highly recommend taking advantage of the automated processes, managed service providers and utilization tracking that comes with your cloud architecture to eliminate unnecessary cloud computing expenses.

If you’re considering breaking through the cloud, connect with us, we are here to help.