Core Services

Core Services

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Our trained and certified consultants provide over 43 years of cumulative project management experience.

Successful data deployment and integration requires a high level of project management expertise and a well-planned strategy. Capio Group employs the use of Traditional, Waterfall, and Agile projects to manage schedules and sprints, resources and scrum teams, deliverables, and product implementations.

Our team produces detailed design documents of the functional domains within your project, crafting solutions that achieve the business requirements established by project stakeholders. They also provide joint application design sessions to document solutions within the technical architecture of your project and create new business requirements and case flows to detail the components of the new functionality.

Capio Group follows project standards by producing documentation that stakeholders and technical counterparts can understand and maintains that documentation throughout the lifecycle of the project. Tasks such as negotiating deliverables through gap integration and work authorization updates are easy to follow and interpret.

As part of Capio Group’s PM process, our team prepares online help materials, as-is and to-be documentation, cut-over activities and process change deliverables. The online help materials are prepared as an embedded HTML aid to application users for ease of access. The as-is, to-be and process change materials provide a view of the business workflow transformations that you can leverage to guide future business decisions and activities.

Our process also provides documentation mapping that ties the functional design of the project, which addresses the use case requirements, to system test scripts, in order to ensure complete requirement coverage. The team tracks requirement traceability through the project approved requirements tracking protocols and maintains a link between functional changes and enhancements against new test defects to ensure all components of the new design are properly tested.

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