Core Services

Core Services

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Data provides the bedrock of your organization and Capio Group has a long history of getting data right.

We’ve designed and developed data platforms for robustness, flexibility, and scalability; from processing millions of transactions, to the analysis of decades of history. Our experienced team is ready to address any data cleansing, validation, and integration needs to or from your new and/or legacy systems.

Data management includes collecting, organizing, protecting, storing, and sharing data. You probably have programs and processes in place helping you to do this, but you may also recognize areas where things can be improved and work better together. Capio Group can help you get there with a custom data management strategy, tailored just for your business.

Many data activities that lack proper data management tend to consume time and resources that don’t contribute to the success and health of your organization. Capio Group’s custom data management strategy will be your guide to ensure that all the activities surrounding your data management will work together efficiently. This will allow you to avoid human error, duplications and redundancy, like siloed projects that use the same data, yet duplicate efforts and costs.

Objectives: Our team will work with you to identify your objectives, such as creating an end-to-end user experience that’s not overwhelming and confusing or a more robust security protocol that safeguards critical information. Your objectives are unique to your business and we will help you to focus on the ones that will inform your overall data management strategy.

Workflows: This begins with the identification of who your users and data sources are in relation to how they collect, prepare, store, analyze and distribute data in your business. For example, if your company is using multiple dashboards in your CRM that require inputs from multiple data sources, you may want to look at how your IT department and your business units collaborate and manage that data. From there, our team can help you to determine pain points and tangible solutions, such as weekly project updates or required collaborative think sessions.

Tools: Having the right tool for the job is essential for the success of your strategy. Capio Group will work with you to determine the best software to integrate with and to evolve your current data ecosystem and provide you with the information you need to make an informed, educated decision.

Governance: Strong data governance ensures the formal management of data assets within your organization.  It includes developing protocols and best practices regarding the quality, security, privacy, and transparency of your data and should be upheld by everyone in your organization.  Our team will help you to draft and define this governance, allowing you to create a healthy data culture.

Deployment: The training and execution of your new data management strategy is most often in the hands of employees who are not data experts.  Capio Group will help you to disseminate and deploy the knowledge and processes your team needs to align to your strategy.  Activities such as “lunch and learns” and “data literacy” sessions can alleviate the fears of those who are not as adaptable to change.

If it’s time to make changes to how you manage your data, we are here to help! Contact us for a consultation.