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Streamlining Government Workflows and Elevating Citizen Experience

Capio Group helps unlock government efficiency and citizen engagement with Salesforce, revolutionizing public sector operations for a better future.

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What is Salesforce

Salesforce is a leading cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that revolutionizes the way businesses and organizations connect with their customers and stakeholders. Salesforce’s robust platform empowers organizations to achieve rapid development and implementation by providing a comprehensive suite of tools, streamlined workflows, and extensive customization capabilities. It provides a unified platform for managing customer interactions, complying with law/policy, automating workflows, and gaining valuable insights through advanced analytics. Salesforce offers customizable solutions that cater to organizations of all sizes and industries, enabling them to enhance productivity, boost customer satisfaction, and improve stakeholder outcomes. Capio Group excels at leveraging the capabilities of Salesforce to quickly prototype and demonstrate new solutions to our clients and gather feedback before entering more resource intensive build phases.

How Can Salesforce Help Government Entities

Salesforce can greatly benefit government entities by providing them with powerful tools and capabilities to enhance their operations and better serve their constituents. Here are a few ways Salesforce can help government entities:

Streamlined Citizen Services: Salesforce offers a unified platform that enables government agencies to streamline their citizen services. It allows for efficient case management, automates processes, and provides a single view of citizen interactions. This ensures faster response times, improved service delivery, and increased citizen satisfaction.


Constituent Relationship Management (CRM): Salesforce’s CRM capabilities enable government entities to manage and track interactions with citizens, stakeholders, and partners. It facilitates personalized engagement, tracks constituent preferences, and helps build stronger relationships. This data-driven approach allows governments to deliver targeted services and initiatives that align with citizen needs.

Constituent Relationship Management (CRM): Salesforce’s CRM capabilities enable government entities to manage and track interactions with citizens, stakeholders, and partners. It facilitates personalized engagement, tracks constituent preferences, and helps build stronger relationships. This data-driven approach allows governments to deliver targeted services and initiatives that align with citizen needs.


Data Management and Analytics: Salesforce provides robust data management and analytics capabilities, allowing government entities to gather, analyze, and visualize data from various sources. This helps in making informed decisions, identifying trends, and measuring program effectiveness. Governments can leverage this data to optimize resource allocation, identify areas for improvement, and enhance policy-making processes.


Collaboration and Workflow Automation: Salesforce’s collaboration features enable different departments and agencies to work together seamlessly. It provides shared workspaces, document management, and real-time collaboration tools. Workflow automation streamlines routine processes, reduces paperwork, and ensures consistent and efficient service delivery across government entities.


Mobile and Remote Access: Salesforce’s mobile and remote access capabilities enable government officials to access critical information and perform tasks from anywhere, anytime. This flexibility improves responsiveness, enables fieldwork, and allows for efficient coordination among teams.


Security and Compliance: Salesforce places a strong emphasis on security and compliance, ensuring that government entities can trust their data is protected. It adheres to strict security standards and offers robust access controls, encryption, and auditing features. This is crucial for government entities handling sensitive citizen data and complying with regulatory requirements.


By leveraging Salesforce’s capabilities, government entities can enhance operational efficiency, deliver citizen-centric services, foster collaboration, and make data-driven decisions. It empowers governments to better serve their constituents and drive positive outcomes for their communities.

How Capio Group Helped Government Implement Salesforce

One of Capio Group’s core clients, the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA), was seeking consulting assistance to optimize its Salesforce environment, build and maintain enterprise Salesforce applications, and develop insightful Reports and Dashboards. They also required assistance with Operational Support and Salesforce subject matter expertise. After onboarding, Capio Group began to work collaboratively in a blended team consisting of Capio Group and CalEPA team members to improve CalEPA’s Salesforce experience. 


Prior to Capio Group’s assistance with Salesforce enterprise deployments, significant effort had been expended without resolution. However, Capio Group’s diligent and collaborative work with the agency resources brought focus to the project, enabling it to go live. In addition to the system deployment, Capio Group was also able to enhance and support two other applications. We leveraged a hybrid-agile software delivery approach. Applying more traditional waterfall planning with agile principles for work prioritization and delivery. Capio Group leveraged prototypes and demos to rapidly respond to customer needs while getting feedback early and often from stakeholders.


Another Capio Group client, the California High-Speed Rail Authority, needed to automate their day-to-day operations and optimize workflows in order to improve their business functions and processes. To complement the requested enhancement and maintenance of their existing Salesforce applications, the Authority requested the development of additional user-friendly applications, reports, dashboards, and associated automation. The project also required Operational Support and the provision of subject matter expertise. Capio Group supported efforts related to Salesforce analysis, design, development/configuration, implementation, and support. As a part of this project, Capio Group analyzed and reviewed business, functional, and technical requirements, configured Salesforce applications, and developed custom applications.


Capio Group Project Activities:

  • Provided support for Salesforce product upgrades, fixes, and modifications.
  • Developed reports on items related to ongoing operation of Salesforce.
  • Collaboratively maintained the Salesforce environment and Information System Recovery plan and identified potential issues and opportunities for optimization.
  • Configured and developed custom reports and dashboards, and took part in deployment.
  • Provided expert advice, best practices, and input on components of the Salesforce application development. 
  • Tools/Technologies leveraged included Salesforce, Azure DevOps, Adobe ESign, Dataloader, Dataloader.io, Import Wizard, Marketing Cloud, and AWS, .NET.


Capio Group consistently strives to deliver the best results to stakeholders. Exercising this practice and applying the Capio Group Salesforce Process, our teams are able to deliver Salesforce projects efficiently, with all documents and artifacts reviewed and submitted in a timely manner, while maintaining high-level of satisfaction from our clients.

Customer Success

Along with the Project team, Capio Group successfully helped CalEPA to develop and deploy various application/system including the California Assignment Management System (CAMS), CERS Helpdesk, and Complaint Management System. 

  • CAMS (California Assignment Management System): A Document management solution that includes electronic routing and approvals, including digital signatures.
  • CERS Helpdesk: A service desk that supports the California Environmental Reporting System issue and inquiry management.
  • Complaint Management System: A case management system utilized by CalEPA to address and resolve complaints from the public in a structured and effective manner.

During the quarterly and monthly meeting discussions and general interaction with the stakeholders and project team members, CalEPA communicated a very high level of satisfaction, and as a result, Capio Group is working with CalEPA to leverage Salesforce to enhance new business processes and address existing organizational challenges.  

On the California High-Speed Rail Authority Salesforce project, Capio Group helped develop, deploy and/or maintain (among other applications) the Access Control System, Campaigns and Leads System, and the Marketing Cloud System.

  • Access Control System: An application that enables authorized access to internal networks, applications, and IT assets in order to streamline and formalize the process of adding, updating, and removing staff from IT systems and assets.
  • Campaigns and Leads System: An application that manages leads and distribution lists for stakeholder engagement and public outreach. It allows the Communications Office to maintain up-to-date stakeholder data and deliver targeted, personalized communications through California High-Speed Rail Authority e-blasts.
  • Marketing Cloud System: A system that enables the California High-Speed Rail team to manage identity-targeted marketing campaigns through email templates, drafts, and scheduling. It utilizes Leads and Campaigns from the Service Cloud application. 

By working closely and collaboratively with the HSR team, Capio Group helped clarify the requirements from the existing documentation, which led to better usability and user satisfaction. Establishing a strong rapport with California High-Speed Rail team members and stakeholders, Capio Group helped the client establish a positive outlook, and stakeholders were pleased with the work completed by Capio Group, as all Salesforce project goals were met on-time and well within budgets. 

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