Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

Sheridan Gray

Managing Partner

Sheridan is one of the founding partners at Capio Group and a product manager at Facebook with extensive experience in team management, business development, product management, and contract negotiations. As a graduate of MIT, Sloan School of Business, he has helped to expand Capio Group over the last 11 years in many ways.

His background includes working with FWD.us as the Director of Information Systems where among other things, he operated 16 web domains with peak traffic of 170,000 daily sessions and over 1 million annual page views and architected systems that facilitated 78% year-over-year customer base growth for an organization in its 4th year. He also worked as a Technical Analyst and Product Manager for the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) where he was a Product Manager on a $500 million enterprise-wide pension administration project that replaced over 40 legacy applications. The relationship that he fostered with CalPERS continues today through Capio Group where we maintain multiple contracts delivering the same innovative solutions and outstanding client service.

Considering his high technical skill and savvy business acumen, there is no surprise that these kinds of successes followed him throughout his career with many lessons learned along the way. Sheridan recalls “Early in my career I was given the advice that the key to success in the workplace is to deliver results that produce high-quality outcomes and be well-networked because it creates a multiplier effect for successful delivery.” These lessons are now being translated into Capio Group’s core values and activities as the small business continues to expand.

There’s a trade secret to starting a small business from scratch and that’s why many people never do it, but the impacts and dedication are worth the effort. Sheridan states, “Being a small business owner is stressful but rewarding. I remember feeling the weight of responsibility and pride the first time an employee joined Capio Group with a spouse and children as dependents and the first time an employee bought a home. In terms of day-to-day experience, it used to be a lot of moonlighting and weekend work. Now we have a great internal team, so my focus is on our long-term opportunities including innovation, strategic initiatives, and investments in our people, processes, and internal technology.”

Of course, as a small business owner, Sheridan would love a redo with certain decisions. “I would have started Capio Group a few years later in my career,” he laments. “When I started Capio Group, I knew that I could deliver excellent results for my clients. However, I hadn’t been exposed to all of the other functions of a business. Delivery is the culmination of a long set of activities such as recruiting, business development, request for proposal responses, HR, legal, finance.” Being in business for 11 years, Capio Group has now established strong processes and protocols that allow the company to run like a well-oiled machine. This allows for a lot of blue sky thinking as they move into their next chapter and the future is looking bright. Sheridan proclaims, “I am optimistic for the future of Capio Group. Digitization has accelerated across all sectors due to COVID-19. That, coupled with the infrastructure bill being discussed at the federal level, has made the work of Capio Group all that more vital.

Internally, we are growing a strong team and developing a successful track record with our clients— only good things to come!”

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